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Limited Practice to Orthodontics 

Dr. Monica is a General Dentist who has been practicing orthodontics for more than 12 years. She enjoys the process of create smiles for her patients. She believes a smile can changing their life. For her Being a professor is a passion. and is one of the most rewarding things for her.


Dr. Monica Ortiz was born in San Tome and raised in Lecheria, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela, she completed her dental degree at Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho. She practiced for 6 years as a general dentist and was a Faculty member at her former University. Being a faculty is her passion and is one of the most rewarding things for her. 


Since the beginning of her career, she was always interested in orthodontics. She completed 2 fellowships of 1 year each in interceptive and dentofacial orthodontics: 1-year at Gran Mariscal University and then and 1-year at Jose Antonio Páez University. After that she completed 2 1/2 years of in Orthodontics at Central University of Venezuela, awarding her Master of Science degree in the Dentistry in the Specialty of Orthodontics, with honors. She practice as an orthodontics in Venezuela for 6 years, and Looking for a new life she decided to move to the United State of America. 


She completed with honors a Master in Business Administration and a Master in Human Resources Management at Millennial Atlantic university in Doral in order to expand her curriculum. After that break of the dentistry world, she came back to work as Ortho Oassistant. A year after she obtained her license of Certified Registered Dental hygienist, and she has been combined both functions for almost 8 years.  Recently she completed a General Practice Residency at University of Miami.  Where she also completed 1 year fellowship in Implants Rehabilitation. Currently she works as a general dentist and limited orthodontics. She believe that we can offer comprehensive treatment to our patient.


In her free time she loves spending time with his lovely son Luis who is in different extracurricular activities such: Soccer, violin and Scouts.

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